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Read the background notes about the clip below. When you are ready, listen and watch the clip.

Play the sentence a few times (use the "Play and mimic" button) and listen carefully to the speaker s voice. Copy what the speakers say. Listen and repeat after the speaker.

Use the sentence somehow, somewhere today. Come back to this page and post a comment telling us when and where you used the sentence.

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How to describe someone who is angry

This is a natural way for a native speaker to describe a person or group which is angry. You can use it with friends or colleagues in an informal situation.

You must have the Secret Service hopping about now.


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Level Language Area Language Function
Upper Intermediate American Slang To describe someone who is angry or cross

Background To This Video English Lesson

This video is from a Nicholas Cage movie, "National Treasure". The scene is the President of the United States' birthday party. In this video a man (Nicholas Cage) is showing an old map (of the house that the party is at) to the President, and showing him an old tunnel in the map. The man shouldn't be at the party and he is very nervous; at the end, he's very excited when the President suggests that they go and look for the tunnel!

Teacher's Notes on This Lesson's English Expression

If you say someone is "hopping" it is a short form of "hopping mad" and means they are very very angry or mad or crosss. It is an informal expression that you can use with friends and family, for example "My mum is hopping mad because I dropped food all over my bed sheets."

Video Lesson Script

Prime Minister, it's a delight to have you back in the States.

Spread the word that campaign contribution limits are not enforced on the President's birthday.

Happy birthday Mr President.

Why thank you.

Ben Gates, temporary Treasurer.

Oh yes, Ben Gates.

We mustn't keep you Mr President.

Thanks, thanks, always a pleasure.

I can't tell you what a thrill it is for me to be invited here tonight sir.

Yeah, you must have the Secret Service hopping about now.


Considering your newly discovered lineage.

Oh yeah. I beg your pardon sir, but I know what a huge admirer you are of George Washington and I thought you might like to take a look at this.

This is a map of Mount Vernon drawn by George Washington himself.

Mr President, that is exactly what it is.

I was an architectural history major at Yale.

I did not know that.

You didn't?

No. It belonged to my great-uncle, he got it from a grand daughter of a slave named Charlotte.

Good evening Mr President.

Oh Frank, always a pleasure.

Charlotte, who lived here and worked here at Mount Vernon. We're standing right here sir, and this line is an underground tunnel, an escape route that was never found.

I wonder, I wonder if it's still there.

Well, only one way to find out.

I think we should take a look.

Are we allowed to do that? I mean you're allowed to do that, you're the President. Can I come with you?


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