Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Read the background notes about the clip below. When you are ready, listen and watch the clip.

Play the sentence a few times (use the "Play and mimic" button) and listen carefully to the speaker s voice. Copy what the speakers say. Listen and repeat after the speaker.

Use the sentence somehow, somewhere today. Come back to this page and post a comment telling us when and where you used the sentence.

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You think I can't do it?! Watch me.


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Level Language Area Language Function
Intermediate Present Simple Challenging other people

Background To This Video English Lesson

Jamie Oliver wants American people to change the types of food they eat. Many people think it's too difficult to do this. He thinks he can do it, and he challenges people to watch him do it.

Teacher's Notes on This Lesson's English Expression

This sentence means that if you doubt that I can do it, you should watch me and see that actually I can do it. The speaker is challenging the other person to doubt them.

Video Lesson Script

Hello America! It's time to wake up. ABC Friday March 26, one man will lead the American food revolution. The fries count as a vege?!
"The fries count as a vegetable."
"Right! A french fry is not a vegetable."
"Jamie Oliver is coming to one American City."
"Yes it is a massive country; yes there is loads of people; but we can do this."
"To start the ultimate food fight"
"You think I can't do it?! Watch me."
"Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution premieres Friday March 26 on ABC."


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